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Easy Romantic Braided Updo

Easy Romantic Braided Updo Braided Updo Hair Tutorial Hair Romance

I realized it has been quite a while since we published an hairstyle, and a few of my nieces heading into a dancing in the future, it got my juices flowing and thinking of updos. Updos seem difficult, but this one is far from challenging, and it took me to make. My disclaimer is that this is achieved in my 9 year old, and clearly most 9 year olds are not needing a “romantic” hairstyle — so just go with me on this one!

Step 1- yank back from every temple into a ponytail Close to the crown

She had a couple leftover waves from braids she had worn and that helped add to the fashion. It is not essential, but it will give a little more texture to the design.

Do not create the ponytail too large or too tight. This fashion will be somewhat “loose” and intimate looking so if you can find wispy hairs and items are not slick and smooth, that is the look you are trying for!

Step 2 — twist the ponytail up and above the elastic

If you need it is possible to use a Topsy Tail to this, I used my hands to produce the hole over the elastic, and pulled it through with my palms.

Measure 3 — Gently pull the part of the hair close to the elastic when the ponytail is flipped to flake out and pull it

Loosen up this hair as much as wanted, but maintain so of the hair is not coming out, cinching the ponytail. Break up the hair as wanted to provide a look to it.

Step 4 — Collect hair over the ears and draw to the back of the head

Step 5 — Blend the sections of hair to a different ponytail just under the one in the middle of the head

Do not contain any hair this the hair from every side.

Step 6 — twist up the hair and above the elastic

Measure 7 lightly pull near the elastic the hair’s part to pull it and loosen up things

Step 8 — Divide hair down back into sections — one on the left and one on the best

Measure 9- Together with the section to the right, make a 3 strand braid

Measure 10 — Gently pull the borders of the Correct side of this braid, Which Makes It loopy and loose & fasten the end with a elastic

Measure 11 — Together with all the section on the left, make another routine 3 strand braid

Measure 12 — Gently pull the borders of the left side of this braid, Which Makes It loopy and loose & fasten the end with a elastic

Measure 13 — tug the braid up and above so it lays beneath the ponytail from Measure 7.

Ensure your braid’s edge is what’s on the very top and stays up under and kind of covering the ponytail. Secure with pins and fold this braid beneath the braid’s tail and fasten so the elastic does not show. Measure 14 — tug the braid on the left and fold it round the head so that it lays below the braid

Make sure you have the braid’s edge down toward the neck. Twist this braid’s tail under to conceal the elastic and secure with pins. Measure 15 — Fix braids and hair as necessary everything mixes nicely together & spray hairspray

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