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Hairstyle Ideas; Woven Knot Braid

"Woven Knot Braid" Woven Knot Braid Hairstyle

Now’s Hairstyle we’re currently discussing turned out and is an hairstyle. It is Kind of a combination of a few different techniques And it may be tough to tell exactly is entailed. But all that things Is this knot braid appears amazing and it is perfect for a particular This Sunday, event or perhaps for Easter. Hairstyle took me around 5 minutes to make and it is a really simple style. But , in the event that you missed our final video, make sure you test it all out. My daughter answered a lot of questions.

Below are the instructions and much more pictures of the finished product.

1- Split sections of hair on the left & right sides of the head close to the face and over the ear.

2 — yank these two sections of hair backward in order that that they meet at the back of their head. Secure all these sections of hair.

3 — Only behind the left ear split some hair out and draw it up toward the hair that you pulled back into the preceding measure

4- Create a hole with your fingers through the hair you pulled in Step 2 and pull up this hair and through the gap. The hair will drape over and hang over a number of their hair from Measure 2.

5 — Repeat exactly the identical thing on the side pulled back in Step 2. Hair from beneath the up hair and through that gap so that it also curtains over and hangs . It should appear like this at this stage.

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