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Topsy Tail Hearts | Valentine’s Day Hairstyle

Topsy Tail Hearts | Valentine’s Day Hairstyle Hairstyles For Girls Princess Hairstyles

It’s that time of year if heart hairstyles begin showing up on media again and so it has had me thinking about some fun heart hairstyles! Over time, we have created quite a few Valentine’s Day hairstyles, however this one that I generated rather by accident, but in my opinion, those are the best kind!

Tips for creating this design:

** A Topsy Tail is a must-have for this particular style. (We use ours all the time, you won’t regret owning one!)

** I discovered having sections of hair/ponytails works to create little cute hearts.

** Do not cinch the ponytail tight to the scalp or it makes it harder to loosen hair and make the center. But you don’t want it to be too loose or it will not maintain its shape.

** Start slowly and lightly pinch and pull on the hair to form the heart. It’s hard if you pull too quickly or too much hair outside to begin with, to undo snag a bubble in the hair. It’s easier to create the heart shape.

** If you are trying to have “double sided” hearts so they may be understood from the front and back of the head, be certain the ponytails aren’t too far back to the head.

Here is our short video showing how it’s performed, and beneath are the instructions and much more pictures.

Step 1 — Create 4 (or more) extended rectangular sections of hair in the temples back across the crown of the headStep

2 — Create a ponytail close to the crown in each of these 4 sections, securing with a colored elasticStep

3 — Starting on the left ponytail, take the pointed end of this Topsy Tail and add it beneath the ponytail so the point comes out close to the elastic in addition to the ponytailStep

4 — Together with the Topsy Tail, reverse the ponytail up and over the elasticStep

5 — Due to the flipped ponytail, there is now a lot of left and right section of tight twisted hair over the elasticStep

6 — With the tight jagged hair above the elastic, quite softly, pinch and pull the hair to being forming a heart shapeStep

7 — Work back and forth on the left/right section of twisted hair before the heart is as large as you want itStep

8 — Repeat steps 3-7 onto the remaining ponytails throughout the crown of the headStep

9 — Together with remaining hair down back you can do anything you need — add a ponytail, bun, braid, etc.. We opted to just leave it straight down and keep it simple!

BONUS: If you placed the ponytails right right, you’ll have a “crown” of dual sided hearts running round the surface of the head and may be understood from the front and from the back! (Keep scrolling to find pictures from the angles.)


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