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Weaving Twist and Ponytail Hairstyle Wallpaper

Weaving Twist And Ponytail Ponytail Braids With Weave Photo Album Brida

With summer in full swing, that means temps. For my women that means they do not want their hair back on their necks as much since it makes them hot. For my 12 year old, ponytails are equaled by the response to that difficulty! And needless to say, I am always looking to jazz up a regular ponytail, and the hairstyle of today does that! No abilities are essential to make this Weaving Twist and Ponytail hairstyle, which is an extra bonus!

Here is our video and make sure you keep scrolling for more pictures of the hairstyle.

1- minute all of the hair back into a ponytail and secure with a flexible or ponytail holder.

We inserted that a zig zag part off to the side of her head, and made the into the side.

2 — If desired, wrap the bottom of the ponytail with hair to hide the elastic.

Here we Wrap a Ponytail, although there are numerous approaches in which you may conceal a flexible with hair.

3 — Close to the bottom of the ponytail, section a tiny quantity of hair spin.

Have a look at our Rope Braid/Twist HERE if you require a refresher or assistance on the best way best to make one. Use water or product to keep this hair wash and with no fly-aways.

4 — temporarily fasten the close of the twist using a elastic or clip After you’re almost to the end of the hair.

5 — Move it out of the way for the minute to expose the hair directly beneath.

6 — Section outside a section than you used to your spin, directly below where the spin begins.

Possessing this section moist with water or product can keep this hair smooth and kept which is valuable to the appearance of the hairstyle.

7 — Put the left hand’s thumb and index finger of this spin. Pull on this hair from beneath through the turn and outside on its side. Pull the hair that is right so that it hides in the twist.

8 — An inch or so down the spin, place your right hand’s thumb and index finger . Pull on the hair to the side. DO NOT pull this hair tight onto the side it leaves a loop over the side of this spin.

9 — Proceed about another inch and put your left hand’s thumb and index finger. Pull on the hair back over. Once more, don’t pull on on the hair but make a loop.

10 — Duplicate this routine down the twist so the hair weaves and winds back and forth in the left and right sides producing loops. So there’s about the amount of spin between every loop try out space things.

11- fasten it After you run to glow.

12 — Fix the loops if necessary and mist using hairspray if wanted.


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